5 Reasons to Study Abroad

1. Travel Experience: Use a Study Abroad as an opportunity to travel. Yes, you have to study but you also have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, perspectives in life and even explore- travel to neigbouring countries, and with STA and your ISIC card, you get discounted flights .


2. Learn a New Language and Culture: Dive into your host country by learning the language and culture. You return to your home country with a little something extra other than topics taught in your course.


3. Boost Your CV: With your future career at the back of your mind, a study abroad programme is a great start to an awesome CV. At the end of the programme you will be returning to your home country with new skills and abilities – learning a new language, adaptability, willingness to learn etc – that are attractive to employers. Alternatively, you may love your host country so much that you decide to seek employment there.  Your experiences and familiarity with the country will be valuable for your job hunt.


4. Find New Interests and Hobbies: You’re in a new environment, one possibly with different weather & geographical characteristics. This means that there are activities that you are now able to try out such as water & snow sports, hiking and various others.


5. Education: The method of education will most likely be different from that of your home country. Your experience may include seeing a different side to your major that you haven’t seen before. Plus, by being in a foreign country, you are talking a different walk to class.